Fall at Mohawk Park


Releasing on December 16, 2014

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I’m sorry to hear of your woes; truly. I’ve always just thought of you as one of the strongest bad-asses I knew who wouldn’t take shit from anyone. But that’s only face-value. Maybe we never hung out enough, or I didn’t put enough thought into your own struggles to ask. I’ve only known the snippets you’ve felt comfortable enough to share with me, for which I am grateful to be trusted with those parts of your life.

Its not enough and until the whole world changes it never will be, but please know that you to have so many good qualities that it would take me forever to list them but over all a your good friend, a good person and deserve all the good things life has to offer. Most importantly; you do matter.

Speak ill of no man…

Working towards becoming a better human being.
Thinking before I speak, refraining from criticizing others, seeing things from other perspectives and smiling more. The challenge will be letting the people in my life know that I value them despite my usual foot in mouth disease.


Finalized WIPS. I will no longer be working on them. I am DONE. They turned out really nice though, which I’m happy about. :) Finished for the RAW show



Nathan and I went to see David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour stop in Toronto tonight. Was a lot better than I anticipated. Very inspirational. Musical guests were good OLP’s Raine Maida and his wife Chantal Kreviazuk, Bare Naked Ladies are some to note. And Nathan got a signed BNL pick. Good times.

Batman x Talia

Batman x Talia